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180 James Sreet South, Suite 402
Hamilton, ON, L8P 4V1

A resource for home buyers and sellers to learn about the process without BS or fluff.

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Meet Thomas Brown, an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Podcast Host and Real Estate Advisor in Hamilton, Ontario.  

I follow a different path in life and in business.  I don't cold-call or send out postcards.  I don't make up a BS story that "I may have a buyer for your home, call me".  You'll never see my face on the side of a bus or on a park bench.  I use a proven, trusted system to extract up to $30,000 more profit from the sale of a client's home.  That system is called the "Value-driven approach" and its based on the tactics Warren Buffett used (and still uses) to become the world's most successful investor.  You won't get any hype, BS, fluff, or glitter from me.  If you want to work with someone that speaks the truth and uses a proven system, I'd love to meet you.