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A resource for home buyers and sellers to learn about the process without BS or fluff.

Recent Thoughts

Being Grateful

Thomas Brown

We live in such a fast-paced world, always on the hunt for the next gadget or gizmo, but how often do we really slow down and look back at how far we’ve come?


    I stopped drinking for good about 6 months ago.  Alcohol was a big part of my life, partially because I wasn’t ready to face some feelings I was having and partially because I enjoyed being out at social events.  It was a long road to finally put the bottle down and its been a refreshing few months without waking up to a cloudy mind or feeling sick.


     In order to help me stay on track, I’ve used meditation as a secret weapon to keep my mind clear and help me focus on the present.  I try to avoid buzzwords in my life, but being present is truly the only state of being that will lead to sustainable happiness. Often times I find myself plowing forward with my work or a project at home, getting impatient with a lack of progress on a day to day basis.  When I get impatient and irritable, I know I’m straying from mindful presence and I need to take a step back and be thankful.


    Gratitude was a really challenging feeling to always have with me because I’m an ambitious entrepreneur and my mindset is to always push harder and strive for perfection, so my fear was that gratitude would take my edge off.  Little did I know gratitude is a super fuel that helps me boost that ambition. I’m not a professional, so i’ll simply explain how I think it works with the anecdotal evidence gathered through my own experience.


    I think gratitude has a way of gutting the feelings of doubt we have, and reaffirming the progress we’ve already made.  When working on a new business idea, such as my podcast, theres massive effort involved for questionable likelihood of a payout.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve done the research and have faith that the concept is solid and the payout is there, but theres still no guarantee.  In times of doubt, I start to become thankful for the smallest little achievements, such as finding a single guest for the show, and immediately the worry subsides and I’m able to have a renewed confidence in my mission and purpose.


    We all want the most and the best, but true happiness is found when looking around and being deeply grateful for what we already have.