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What's wrong with real estate agents?

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What's wrong with real estate agents?

Thomas Brown

    I’m a believer that most stereotypes have some amount of truth behind them.  What are the stereotypes about real estate agents? Well, they’re not great.  I’ve heard and read numerous complaints about agents, ranging from “they’re impossible to get in touch with” to “they’re overpaid” to “they look NOTHING like their picture!”.  Why do so many agents have this reputation?

    I think the challenges start from the top.  Truth is, when entering the business, they don’t teach you enough outside of basic real estate history and preventing criminal activity.  The actual business tactics, such as marketing, bookkeeping, and operations, are all on the new agent to learn.  Of course you want to know that your agent knows how to avoid fraud, but thats a pretty low standard isn’t it? Thats like saying “I hope the food at this restaurant doesn't kill me”.  Who goes out to eat with that standard? Nobody! So why is the standard so low when it comes to being a real estate agent?

    There are many popular opinions out there on this topic.  Some say the real estate boards and brokerages just want to collect more fees from agents, others say they make most of their money on fines when agents mess up.  Who really knows?  Either way, it doesn't benefit the one person who really matters, the client.

    My opinion is too many people enter this business on a whim.  They enter this business from a position of self-serving, not client serving.  They watch an episode of “Million Dollar Listing” and think they’ll be driving a Ferrari next week.  It doesn’t take a genius to know that guy will be the first one running for the hills when things get tough.

    This business is all about having a “client-first mindset” and a proven strategic approach. There’s no way around it.  Lots of agents like to tease other agents that respond quickly to new clients because they seem over-eager, but I know when I’m looking to hire someone, I expect them to be attentive.  Who likes going to the doctor’s office, only to wait 45 minutes to see him?  If you can’t be true to your word, you don’t have much else in business.

    With the use of technology growing within the real estate industry and people’s methods of shopping for a home change, I think there’ll be a massive shift in the real estate agent population.  You won’t see faces plastered on the side of a bus or on billboards like you do now.  The service providers that truly care will be the ones to prevail.  Just as Yelp has exposed crappy restaurants, technology and the internet is quickly eliminating the places for people to hide dishonesty and distrust.


    To start working with someone you can count on, someone you can trust, and someone who will guide you through the roller coaster ride of buying or selling a home, call or text me anytime: (647) 502-8355.  I won’t irritate you.