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Recent Thoughts

Having a Purpose is the Purpose

Thomas Brown

   There have been times in my life where I felt like a cog in the wheel, not having the motivation to get myself out of bed and tackle the day. I’ve always looked up to people that can shut the alarm off and leap out of bed (let alone people that get up without an alarm).  It's always seemed like a fantasy for me to get up on time and enjoy the morning.  Is there something wrong with me or is it just my motivation?
    Humans are funny creatures.  We have our “lizard brain”, as Seth Godin regularly refers to, that wants to keep us safe and comfortable.  What's more safe and comfortable than our warm bed?  Despite this fear and the lizard brain always shouting at us to be careful, many people seem to overcome their doubts and get on with their day.  What sets the snoozers apart from those that leap out of bed? Motivation.
    Over the past 100 years, we’ve become a very standardized, industrial culture which, I think, has lead to the development of increased anxiety.  Anxiety then leads to all sorts of troubling ways to deal with emotion, namely stress eating and alcohol/drug consumption.  This dangerous cycle is leading to our society losing control of our health and incurring the enormous costs associated with it. 
    What does this all have to do with motivation?  We’ve lost our real purpose in life.   I meet people all the time (including myself at certain points) that are existing to “pay bills” and “put food on the table”. I’m sure this is why auto workers get paid generously yet some of them are emotionally bankrupt. I understand the needs for survival, but why are we doing what we’re doing? Is it to satisfy the outside social pressures? Is it from the “Instagram-famous” people that are making us jealous?  Honestly, I don’t think people know why they exist.
    I’ve honestly struggled with finding my “Why” for quite some time.  It seems like a simple question, commonly answered with some platitude like “be free from financial constraints”, but it's the deeper reasons that matter most.  What will the financial freedom mean for you? How will this change your life?  We’ve all heard stories of 7-figure earning executives that quit their jobs because they’ve learned that money will not make them happy, but how can we apply these lessons to our lives?
    Finding your why isn’t as simple as reading an article, going for a walk in the park, and just like that, you have it figured out.  Finding your why is more like being healthy.  It's an integral part of your life and constant effort to stay on track.  When I feel like I’m off track and sleeping in more often, I do a brain dump, which is writing everything on my mind for 5 minutes straight.  I find this to be a fantastic strategy to get lots of the junk out of my brain, but also to find little nuggets I couldn’t see before.
    I’ve learned its ok to explore that empty gut feeling and try to make a change.  The only people that want you to exist as a cog in the machine are either insecure about themselves or the people that profit from you staying small.