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A resource for home buyers and sellers to learn about the process without BS or fluff.

Recent Thoughts

A Hot Market is Bad for Business

Thomas Brown

    If you’ve purchased a home in the GTA or Hamilton-area at any time in the past 20 years, you probably love hearing about how hot the housing market is.  Truth is, an insanely hot market like this is bad for business.  It creates cut-throat bidding wars, poor service from selling realtors, houses not appraising at sale prices, questionable behaviour by the mortgage industry, among other negatives.

    While bidding wars seem like a great opportunity for sellers, there are circumstances where it doesn’t work out well.  Sure, a buyer can purchase your home without a condition on financing, but what if they run into trouble getting a mortgage? Yes, you can request to keep their deposit and sell the house again, hopefully for more money, but thats a headache most people would like to avoid.

    Another challenge stemming from constant record-breaking sales is that the bank appraisers struggle to grasp the changing prices.  While a $500,000 sale in a certain area makes sense to a buyer for subjective reasons, a bank might look at the numbers and think “that price is way too high, there’s no way we’ll be able to sell it if the borrower can’t make their payments”.  I’ve only heard of this happening a handful of times in Hamilton, but its occurring more often than ever in Toronto and it forces the buyer to come up with cash for the difference or walk away from the deal.

    I think the worst consequence is how this market allows incompetent real estate agents to survive.  As the saying goes, “a rising tide lifts all ships”.  This applies to an insanely hot real estate market because it lets agents put properties on MLS without pictures, without much info, or ridiculous showing requests, and these properties still sell because buyers simply have no other choice.

    I called about a listing like this on Hamilton Mountain and asked why there were no pictures, to which the agent’s assistant said “we didn’t bother with pictures because we thought it would just sell right away”.  Seriously?  Do clients know this is what they’re paying for?  Does this agent roll the dice with every client’s home, just hoping it sells?  The process of selling a home should not change based on the market and how easily an agent thinks they can sell your home.  

    To ensure my clients achieve a consistent, predictable result, I always follow the process of my Documented Approach.  Following a process, regardless of external factors, is the way Starbucks ensures your experience will be the same in Hamilton as it will be in Hamburg, Germany. If you want to work with someone who speaks the truth and fulfills promises, or learn more about my approach, I’d love to meet you.   Feel free to send me an email ( or call/text (647-502-8355).