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A resource for home buyers and sellers to learn about the process without BS or fluff.

Recent Thoughts

Free Home Evaluations are BS

Thomas Brown

    They’re all over Facebook, bus stops, billboards, newspapers, radio commercials, and they’re all BS.  The gimmick of the “free home evaluation” is one that real estate agents have been using for decades, and it’s not designed to primarily serve you. So, what do they really mean for you, the client?

    Since many Canadians have the bulk of their net worth in their home, it's only natural that we have an insatiable desire to know what our homes are worth. The problem with establishing the value of a home is that there’s no standard formula.  The price of gold is $X per oz, so it’s very easy to know how much 10oz would be worth.  Same with the stocks of a public company.  Homes are much different.  There are countless factors that effect the value, all of which mean different things to different buyers. 

    Despite what you may think or what might be peddled, a home evaluation isn’t to help you establish the current value of your home.  It’s designed for a real estate agent to start a dialogue with you, hoping to eventually list and sell your home.  While there’s nothing inherently wrong with this approach, it isn’t what a potential seller should be looking for in an agent.

    The truth about home values is that agents never actually know what a home is worth.  If you’re lucky, the agent has done a statistical analysis of your area and gives you an accurate value range, but even that is just a guesstimate.  A more likely situation is the agent did a quick scan of recent sales in the area and gave you the average. The only person that truly determines the value of your home is the buyer.  A true professional won't be focused on telling you how much you might be able to sell your home for, they'll focus on helping you develop a strategy to maximize the value of your home.

    When looking for an agent, a potential seller should be looking for, above all else, someone they trust. The real estate industry is full of gimmicks and worthless “guarantees”, none of which will help you sell your home for the most profit.  The best way to achieve predictable results is to work with someone that has a Documented Approach to develop a strategy to sell your home for the most profit.  If you'd like to work with someone that speaks the truth and uses a proven system, I'd love to meet you.  To learn more about my approach, send me an email ( or text (647-502-8355).